Firman Jamal


Creating software, programming, and designing are my passion and it is something I master over the years. Developing new concepts, solving issues, and even offering help to others are a few out of many of my strengths. Hence, working as a freelance full-stack developer on Fiverr helps me achieve my goals and visions.

The abilities I've picked up in schools

  1. Database Management System
  2. Object Oriented Programming
  3. System Analysis & Design
  4. Basic Data Communication & Networking
  5. Data Centre & Cloud Management

The abilities I've picked up during my spare time

  1. Embedded Device Programming (MicroPIC, ATMega)
  2. Designing PCB
  3. AutoCAD Fusion 360
  4. 3D Print
  5. Basic Mobile UI/UX
  6. Web/Mobile Application Development
  7. Basic Software Reverse Engineering